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What makes us different

We use proprietary software (known as DIG) to discover, evaluate and support investments in the most promising European startups.

What we look for

The best fit between the business idea, the founding team’s DNA and the ability to execute on the product / technology.

How we work with you

With our extensive experience in strategy, product, technology and operations, we support you through the company building process.

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We invest in visionary, hard-working founders

Mahmoud Mabrouk
CEO and Co-Founder of Agenta
Berlin, Germany

Frustrated by the difficulty of creating reliable LLM applications, Mahmoud and Akrem co-founded Agenta. They are creating a platform to accelerate the development of AI features by enabling teams to efficiently evaluate and monitor LLM applications.

Craig Watson
CEO and Founder of Arro
London, United Kingdom

Craig and his co-founder Johannes joined forces in 2022. Having worked in product discovery for over a decade, they were frustrated by how hard it was to learn from customers at scale. So they created Arro to help teams build better products using AI-powered research.

Marie Assé
CEO and Founder of Clust
Paris, France

After several years spent in tech firms, Marie and her co-founder Karim went on a mission to help businesses streamline their client and admin procedures. Clust is now the answer to companies needing a simple and secure all-in-one onboarding platform.

Balint Orosz
CEO and Founder of Craft
Budapest, Hungary

Balint has been building mobile apps for over a decade. With Craft, the team is creating a new way to create amazing documents which are easy to edit and consume across devices and form factors.

Lars Grønnegaard Hansen
CEO and Founder of Dreamdata
Copenaghen, Denmark

Lars and his co-founders Ole and Steffen worked at Copenhagen startups Trustpilot and Airtame where they experienced the pains of B2B revenue attribution. Now Dreamdata provides B2B SaaS companies with a powerful platform to solve that problem.

Tonia Samsonova
CEO and Founder of
London, United Kingdom

Tonia is a serial entrepreneur and founder of, a platform that empowers artists to train and own their AI models, ensuring they retain creative control and intellectual property rights. Born in Russia, she began her career as a journalist and TV anchor. She lives in London and is a mother of four children.

Paul Yarwood
CEO and Co-Founder of Eyko
California, USA

Paul is a technology entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. Paul’s latest venture, eyko, is an Application Data Sharing platform that uses data smarts and NLP to help data-driven companies organize and make sense of their data.

Vytis Uogintas
CEO and Founder of Eneba
Vilnius, Lithuania

Vytis and Zygis started doing projects together back in thier school days. They levelled up all their core skills while playing video games and had a dream to create a place where gamers feel like home. In 2018 the dream went live - ENEBA - the affordable and safe marketplace for gamers.

Constantine Karampatsos
CEO and Founder of Good Life Sorted
London, United Kingdom

Constantine was inspired to launch Good Life Sorted with co-founder Verity, as a result of his frustrating experience to find a trusted helper to support his grandmother, Zoe, to live independently at home. With over 40 years of start-up experience between them, they are bringing the sharing economy to the elderly.

Luc Dudler
CEO and Founder of jobpal
Berlin, Germany

From day one it was Andriy, Chris and Luc's goal to rethink the experience talent has when interacting with enterprise employers. Leveraging Natural Language Processing and conversational interfaces, jobpal not only achieves this but increases the efficiency of Talent Acquisition.

Tim Koschella
CEO and Founder of Kayzen
Berlin, Germany

Kayzen is the fourth tech company Tim is building along his entrepreneurial journey since 2008. He and his two co-founders Servesh and Puneet are aiming at nothing less than democratizing programmatic marketing with Kayzen, a global SaaS platform for advanced mobile marketers.

Dave Burpitt
CEO and Co-Founder of Landmark
London UK

Dave is CEO and Co-founder of Landmark, a free-to-play studio on a mission to create the best games to play with friends. Prior to Landmark Dave was GM and Co-founder of Big Pixel which he sold to WarnerMedia in 2018. Dave joined the games industry in 2007 as a game developer with Disney.

Murat Multu
CEO and Founder of Marvel
London, UK

Murat co-founded Marvel in the summer of 2013 as a simple way for designers to showcase interactive prototypes. Now Marvel has its sights set on helping the world bring digital ideas to life.

Moe Ghashim
CEO and Founder of My Jam
London, UK

Moe Ghashim is the founder of MyJam, the food marketplace platform for cultural and specialty foods. MyJam customers can order fresh produce and products from around the world as well as order chef-made meals from a variety of cuisines - all with next-day delivery.

Andrius Šlimas
CEO and Founder of Oberlo
Vilnius, Lithuania
Acquired by shopify

Having worked in e-commerce for years, Andrius, his brother Tomas, and co-founders are democratising drop-shipping for online store-owners all over the world.

Christopher Kahler
CEO and Founder of Qriously
London, UK
Acquired by brandwatch

Chris and his team have always built companies that give superpowers to normal humans. At Qriously, they are working on predicting the future by serving questions to billions of people.

Eduardo Vilar
CEO and Founder of Returnly
Madrid, Spain

Eduardo founded Returnly in 2014 from a vision of a radically improved online marketplace. He's leveraging modern fin-tech to enable stores a simple and transparent way of processing returns.

Richard Tucker
CEO and Founder of Rooster
London, UK

Richard has over 20+ years’ experience of founding & scaling disruptive technology/internet related businesses to £100m+. Richard's latest venture, Rooster, enables lower risk customers to benefit from fairer, cheaper insurance through smart phones and data science.

Qiaojia Li
CEO and Founder of Rosecut
London, UK

Qiaojia and co-founder Jun, are on a mission to make the type of financial planning and advice usually reserved for the top 0.1% more accessible. Through Rosecut, they are pushing the boundaries of the private banking industry by giving everyone access to financial knowledge and helping people create and personalise their financial plans.

Hugo Le Houarner
CEO and Co-Founder of SEALK
Paris, France

As a former M&A banker, Hugo partnered with his two tech co-founders to change the way M&A players and Private Equity investors collect and analyze data. They built SEALK, an AI powered M&A deal sourcing solution.

István Csanády
CEO and Co-Founder of Shapr3D
Budapest, Hungary

István has been a massive CAD nerd for years. Finally he decided 'enough is enough' and built his own. Shapr3D is a new way of thinking and designing, and has become one of the flagship iPad Pro apps.

Carlo Gualandri
CEO and Founder of Soldo
Rome, Italy & London, UK

Carlo has successfully built and sold a number of companies in over 20 years of entrepreneurism. Now he's turned his attention to banking, with a passion to fundamentally change how companies manage their money.

Aaron Joyce
CEO and Co-Founder of Traitly
Stockholm, Sweden

Aaron and Neil co-founded Traitly. Traitly is building a platform to help leading companies hire best-fit technical talent.

Mark Hughes
CEO and Co-Founder of Tutorful
Sheffied, UK

Mark and Scott co-founded Tutorful in 2015 with the vision that technology could help improve the tuition industry. Since then, they've been on a mission to build a tutoring platform that enables parents to find trusted tutors.

Navid Razazi
CEO and Founder of YouPic
Gothenburg, Sweden

Navid is the founder and CEO of YouPic. At the age of 15 he created his first website and is now growing YouPic to be the destination for photographers that want to learn and inspire.

Alexia de Broglie
CEO and Co-Founder of Your Juno
London, United Kingdom

Alexia and her sister Margot co-founded Your Juno to close the gender money gap. They decided to build the “the Duolingo of money” after learning the gender gap in financial education and financial confidence was a key reason for women’s lack of engagement in finance.

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The skill set of the team matches the DNA of what we are building
Coming from an entrepreneurial base, we live as a startup: building technology and products to identify the best investment opportunities in Europe. We strive to be as responsive and supportive as possible. Our relationship with entrepreneurs is our primary focus.
Ben Smith
Technology Partner

Former UK Engineering Director at Yammer / Microsoft. Previously Head of Technology at Top10 and CTO at MetaBroadcast.

Ben is leading the development of the InReach platform, transforming traditional Venture Capital.

Former UK Engineering Director at Yammer / Microsoft. Ben is leading the development of the InReach platform, transforming traditional Venture Capital.

Roberto Bonanzinga
Investment Partner

Former Partner at Balderton Capital (Benchmark Europe) where he invested in companies including:

Banjo, Contentful, Depop,, Lifecake, Saatchi Art, StoryLane, Tictail, Vivino and Wooga.

Former Partner at Balderton Capital (Benchmark Europe) where he invested in companies including: Contentful and Depop.

Amanda Jones Floyd
Investment Partner

Amanda has more than 15 years experience in product management in consumer internet in the US and Europe, Prior to joining InReach she was a Product Director at Spotify.

Originally from California, Amanda has a BS from Stanford University and an MBA from INSEAD.

Prior to joining InReach Amanda was a Product Director at Spotify. Originally from California, obtaining a BS from Stanford University and an MBA from INSEAD.

John Mesrie
Operating Partner

Former General Counsel at Balderton Capital (Benchmark Europe) and previously corporate lawyer at Taylor Wessing.

John is focused on the operations of the firm, including fund/deal structuring and investment execution.

Former General Counsel at Balderton Capital (Benchmark Europe) and previously corporate lawyer at Taylor Wessing. John is focused on fund/deal structuring and investment execution.

Moreno Bonaventura
Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Moreno has always had a passion for Data, Tech, Startups and Venture Capital. During his Maths PhD he applied Network Science to predict Startups' success (published in Nature).

After 4 years applying data science to blockchain analytics, he is now back doing what he loves: using AI to find great startups to invest in.

Claire Froessel
Data Scientist

Claire studied Mathematics in both Paris and Osaka and worked as a retail-focused data scientist in Tokyo.

Now back in Europe, she is joining InReach's ML team to apply her data-science skills to finding the continent's top Entrepreneurs.

Kass Schmitt
Freelance Data Engineer

Kass is an experienced developer with a talent for designing and building systems which transform data into knowledge, supporting decision making.

Kass holds a BSci in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Ioana Grigoropol
Senior ML/Backend Engineer

Ioana has worked across all shapes and sizes of internet companies, from startups to Yammer / Microsoft. This has involved work from open-source projects to high availability micro-services and state-of-the-art research prototypes.

Machine Learning is a passion which started with her MSc in Artificial Intelligence from the Politehnica University of Bucharest. Most recently Ioana has been focused on NLP, developing dialog systems / chatbots.


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